Officer Down 2012 – A New Resource for Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Trainer Resources
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Ann Bumbak, the author of Dynamic Police Training (2010) has released her latest resource for law enforcement educators and trainers – Officer Down 2012: Lessons Learned from Line of Duty Deaths. This is an innovative guide that has something for every trainer – from the newly assigned instructor to those recognized by others as experts in their field. The handbook adopts the approach of bringing the street into the classroom, and will help you transform your lesson plan into an active learning experience that can truly save lives.

Ann Bumbak’s passion for training law enforcement officers shines through as you discover how intense her research must have been, to develop such a valuable training resource for other instructors. Officer Down 2012 is a well written and an easy to follow guide. With clear, engaging examples and real life experience to back her up, Ann has created a common sense, practical resource which should be read and utilized by law enforcement instructors everywhere. The book will help you to create real life scenarios, and train your officers for the unexpected – like the first case example in the book:

Deputy Suzanne Hopper (Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio) was photographing a shoe impression when an unknown man opened the door of his travel trailer and shot her without warning or cause. While Deputy Hopper could not have foreseen the madman that was hiding just behind her in his trailer, there is much we can learn from the events of January 1, 2011. Ann Bumbak shows us how we can use those learning points to prepare our students for the unexpected while paying respect to the sacrifice of Deputy Hopper.

Through officers involved in pedestrian encounters, high speed pursuits, crimes in progress, domestic violence calls, traffic stops, warrant service, and ambush situations, we relive their last moments and their sacrifice, through Ann’s detailed description. She tells you who the officer was, the circumstances of the incident, the history of the suspect, and the resulting consequences (disposition) of the encounter. Ann also provides educators with a discussion of the events surrounding each officer killed, provides practical implications for training, and provides a list of all the relevant references and resources you could want for each case example. Officer Down 2012 was written by a law enforcement trainer for law enforcement trainers, and it shows. I found the book very engaging and informative. All of the information that Ann Bumbak provides is right on target, and works for a wide variety of learning applications.

We show our gratitude to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice when we learn all we can about their noble lives, and their willingness to serve as guardians – regardless of the cost.  To do that, we must continue to hone and improve our skills as educators and trainers, and strive to prepare worthy protectors for society. Officer Down 2012 will help you do just that. The only thing better might be to attend one of Ann Bumbak’s Officer Down 2012 seminars personally.

The book can be purchased through Ann’s website at

Richard Neil is the author of “Police Instructor: Deliver Dynamic Presentations, Create Engaging Slides, & Increase Active Learning.” He is a retired city cop, and instructs for several of Ohio’s criminal justice training academies. He can be contacted through his website that is dedicated to law enforcement training resources –

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